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About Us
ERS follows a corporate policy of gPermanent Prosperity for Companies,h gSound Asset Management for Investors,h and gSafe Living Environments for Citizens,h contributing to society through our business activities.
We focus on gDue Diligenceh (physical evaluation of property, seismic risk analysis, long-term repair planning, compliance, etc.) for proper evaluation of properties, gEnvironmental Site Assessmenth (Phase I and Phase II), and gRisk Managementh (earthquake, wind and flood damage, fire, etc.) as our core businesses.
In promoting these businesses, we consistently maintain our impartiality and make the most of our experience using a scientific approach, abundant databases and the sound judgment of our engineers.
We firmly believe that it is our role to protect and support companies, investors and citizens by helping them manage the various risks in todayfs highly uncertain economic environment.
3 Characteristics of ERS

1. Pioneer since 1998

Real-estate securitization began in Japan in 1998 with the enactment of the gSpecial Purpose Company Acth (SPC ACT). In the same year, ERS launched Japanfs first risk management business specializing in the real estate and finance markets. Since then, we have continuously developed and provided new risk management services to match the needs of the times.

2. Fair and Impartial

As real estate and finance market specialists, we can maintain complete impartiality because we are independent of the design and construction businesses. And, our engineering capabilities enable us to provide a unique service as a third party consultant.

3. Total Engineering from Land to Building

Only ERS can provide comprehensive services from investigation, analysis and assessment of sites and buildings, through proposal of a risk-reduction plan.